Thursday, December 07, 2017

Walhalla Christmas Parade 2017

Luke had his friend Janna over Saturday. She was the coolest girl. Wise beyond her years and crazy about Luke.  She rode with Luke Marlowe  Wes and John Daddy in her first parade! Marlowe was kind enough to share a dress with her.  I’m kind of crazy about her too.  Luke is healing so well! I am very pleased with his incision.  Here he is taking a bath using a bath bomb Deedee got him. He loved it!  Henry is playing basketball games every Monday and Thursday night. Tonight he played the entire second half! He scored six have the 22 points the team scored. He loves his team and his sport. 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Silas and Merritt arrived a few days before Thanksgiving. Luke was still out of school recovering from his surgery and he had a great time hanging out and playing.  They always get along so well. We had a great Thanksgiving. Robin and JD arrived on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning. We had a wonderful time catching up and letting the children play  Wednesday morning Deedee did a great job of orchestrating a photo shoot between Cliff and Anna flying to Chicago Mark and Dennis arriving into town.  on Thursday we had lunch at the river house. We had a wonderful crowd and if he did not disappoint! They welcomed Robin and Jd of course  shake a little love Eric and Tessa had their twin baby girls. They were so precious Luke Ty and Trent enjoyed building fires in writing the zip line  after the river house we went to Dee Dee and John Daddy‘s for dinner. We had a hayride with no hay Merritt and Marlowe are so adorable! James Wes and BrentJD and Robin- they never seem to age! Mark and Denisephyllis and her son Jamesso much to be thankful for!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Luke’s great recovery

I am so pleased with Luke’s incision. It is healing so nicely and he feels great! I am so thankful for all the prayers and for the steady hand of Dr. Moody.  His classmates were so kind. Each kid wrote him a get well card and they also made him a big card! Lilly and Julie-Ann brought it over and it just thrilled Luke.  Nate has started a nightly routine of learning I bowl of fried potatoes! I fry them in butter and he can eat 3 or four a night! Mr. Kitty is so completely rotten! He rules the roost when it comes to the cats.  I have decided to buy all my groceries at Aldi for the next month. We are about a week and and I love it! Henry has complained a little bit no one else has.  These are the new tennis shoes Nate picked out from Walmart for $13.88. We are all dying and hoping he never wears them in public!  Today was a specially good day for Luke. Silas came over and they had the best time playing Legos, hot wheels, and city blocks. So thankful for good buddies. Tonight was the cross country awards.  Henry earned his first letter and Nate earned his fourth letter, three in cross country and wine in track.